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FAQ's About Our Programs:  



Where do we get our animals from?

Mostly all of our animals are Captive Born. Some of them we got from other animal exhibitors, who do programs similar to what we do. Most of our animals are adopted, from people who could no longer keep them.

What are some of the events you go to?

Our Programs are great for Birthdays, Church picnics, Bar/Basmitsvahs, Communions, Block Parties, Camps, Libraries, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Company Picnics, Schools, Daycares, Grand Openings, Family Gatherings and any other special occasion you may be having.

What can I expect from a program?

A fun learning experience with a brief explanation of the animals  (Habitat, food, and other educational tidbits) along with a hands-on crazy experience. Concentrating on that special child or group for the day, as well as getting his or her friends to participate in on the fun. Eight to fifteen animals are seen, depending on the amount of children or adults present at the time of show.            

We do show the children how to properly hold the animal if they would like to and if it's an animal that can be held. The hands-on experience is well supervised and we are always ready to lift the animal out of harms way if children start to get too excited. This helps protect the children and the animals from any incidents. We also ask that you allow us to show all of our animals, If anyone has a serious fear of any one animal, they can step away from the program or party for that time. We just like to show the children that the animals are fine if respected and try not to instill any fears adults may have into them. We encourage you to take photos and have a great time. 

Some Safety rules & policies that we like to make you aware of are:    

--Our programs are done for the promotion of proper animal care & proper husbandry. The animal's best interest and safety, along with the safety of the public (children, adults included), are always first and you will be made aware if an event is not a proper environment for our programs   --Please Read Terms of Contract before signing !!!    --Some animals are not to be handled, and will only be handled by staff or displayed !   --We reserve the right not to show some animals during the program, if we feel temperatures or weather conditions are changing, signs of stress, and hyper or out-of-controlled children.   --Please do not let children stick fingers or other foreign objects into animals cages. (Understand that these are comfort zones and you may be trespassing that zone).      --All Programs are done within Ohio & NY State laws and we will make you aware of any changes because of laws & regulations.

What time will my exhibitor arrive?

About 10 to 15 minutes before your show is scheduled to start.

How much space do I need in my house for the animal show?

The animal mat is 6x8 and the children will sit on your floor around that. The animals are in covered boxes and will need a space behind the animal exhibitor.

How long will the animal show last?

A birthday party will last about 45mins 1hr. Please keep in mind that younger children (2-4 year olds) do not have a long attention span, so their shows might not last as long. We will show all 9-13 animals.

Can I serve food at the animal show?

No. There is no food or drink allowed during the animal show. In fact, it's a good idea not to have food around the show area.

Can I have a rain date?

We do not give out rain dates. We will allow you to cancel one time only; due to bad weather.

Can I have a party outside?

Yes, but it must be at least 65 degrees and no more than 95 degrees. Please provide shade for the children and the animals.

What is your cancellation policy?

If cancellation is given 10 days prior to first date schedule, 80% of deposit will be refunded. In case of bad weather or illness, party can be rescheduled one time only, within one year of original scheduled date. Deposit is not refundable on rescheduled parties.

Will the animals bite?

Our animals are used to children; they enjoy going to shows and meeting people. However, they are still animals and should be treated with respect. Our programs are structured and controlled, so the animals enjoy what they are doing and remain calm.

Should I tip the animal exhibitor and/or party hosts?

Gratuity is not included in the fee. The animal exhibitor and party hosts are very appreciative of any and all tips; however it is at your discretion.

How do I book a party?

To book a party call: In Ohio:440-415-0500   in NY: 516-766-1100 or Request a Quote online by clicking here. If you get the machine when you call, please leave a message.

Do any of these animals make good pets?

Many of the animals at PartyPets do NOT make good pets, but there are a few that do. You need to be very thorough in this investigation and cover state, county, municipal, and local zoning regulations. If you violate any of these regulations you risk having your animal taken from you (we have received many animals this way).

After you have found out what the laws are, we can look into what makes "a good pet." First, establish how much time you have to spend with your new pet. Who will take care of the pet? What does the pet eat, and is the person feeding it afraid of what it eats? How much room will the pet need? How big will it get? How much can the pet be handled? Now, if you still want to own an exotic pet, here are some suggestions: Chinchilla, Corn Snake, Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Ball Python.

These are only suggestions, do your research, and remember to give your pet lots of love and care. Just remember, if you take the time to do things right, you will end up with a quality animal.

For more information on laws and regulations, please contact:

United States Department of Agriculture and Plant Health Inspection Services          

    To sum it up,

   We Have a fun, once in a life time experience for all that attend. Please call early to be sure your date is available.  read over our contract before you mail it out.  

We are looking forward to giving you a true hands-on animal experience !!


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