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Rescues & Adoptions

  If you have an animal you feel that you need to place, please call or email us. We don't judge people, we are just trying to offer people a way to place their animals if for whatever reason they can no longer care for it We will provide it a good home and could possibly include it in our programs to benefit the species and other animals. 

  If you come across a wild animal in need, we are not properly permitted to handle that situation, but can help direct you to the right people so proper care can be provided for the animal.

   Some animals are purchased by good people, with good intentions, and then they find out the animal was more then they expected or they just don't have the needed time that is required owning that animal. We can help, just call or email us.

  We are USDA licensed & Insured Exhibitors    


  • Long Island, NY  :

             The Original PartyPets 

     P.O. Box  439,   Baldwin NY   11510

            Andre' Ricaud    (516) 766-1100

  • NE, Ohio : 

            PartyPets.com of Ohio 

             Curtis & Cindy Cloos    (440) 415-0500


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