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  THE ORIGINAL PARTY PETS was founded in Long Island, NY in 1989 by Andre' Ricaud,  but it's services & programs are also in NE Ohio as well, offered by PartyPets of Ohio.com.

PartyPets of Ohio.com is owned by Cindy Cloos and presentations are done by Cindy & her husband Curtis, who is a long time handler & care giver of exotics. Together, we offer many unique services of animal education programs & exhibits for the Public, Schools, Scouts, Festivals, Family Gatherings, Childcare, Camps, Special Events, Nursing Homes, and Pet Therapy for all ages and Occasions.

  We are USDA licensed & Insured Exhibitors !     


You may have seen our exotic pets on television with " Regis " or "The Today Show " with guest Warren Ekstein (Pet expert), "The Family Pet " on channel 12, other credits include "Serious Pictures Inc. "(Elton John Video), "Mayhem Records "(rock Video), Comedy Central, LI Help Channel, "The Long Island Ground Hog Day" featuring "Malverne Mel" and the sitcom "Ed".

   We provide a unique opportunity to many children and adults by offering a  hands-on and up close experience that they can't get from a book or visit to a zoo. We are sure it will be an experience your child and family will always remember. Having children of our own, we understand the power of creative learning and from seeing the response of the children over the years from our programs, we realize how much these hands -on programs not only are a learning experience, but FUN. This is why our programs can be used for so many different kinds of events. Our programs are geared for all age children, so they can have an unforgettable experience by sharing  our love of animals with them, and to help provide a positive future for both.. 

   Some of the animals used  have been abused, abandon, unwanted or on death row because of ignorance from people who were not properly educated about them. Then others are from homes that could not longer provide the needed attention and are adopted out to us. We then use these animals for our programs as spokes-animals for there species.

Our programs are entertaining and fun, not to mention an experience that will last a lifetime.  All our animals are well taken care and handled on a regular basis, so our animals are not stressed when doing the programs. We make sure the experience is positive for all that attend and always keep safety in mind.

    To sum it up, our services are for the benefit of our younger generation, so they can understand animals & know that they are here for us to appreciate & respect

   We are now offering an online Animal Community with our motto being "Helping preserve nature by using technology". We will be able to offer a place on the internet for  people to research and decide if a pet is right for them, detailed information about animals on our planet, find proper care sheets for their pets, and also offer some fun things for your child to enjoy in a safe environment.


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  • NE Ohio : 

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