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FAQ's About our Programs

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Animal Adoption
We Rescue & Re-Home Reptiles & Small Exotics.

Our "Thanks Page"


Program Ideas

Animal Recipes
Here's some ideas for animal themed recipes cakes & snacks.

Printable  Invites
Here's some printable party invites...

Party Letter
Print out our Special Party Letter, this can help present our program to your group!!


Pet Help!!

Wish List
The money from our programs go back into the care & feeding of our animals. If you wish to help us, here is a list of some things we are always in need of.

Bad Beginner Pets
This article is to inform parents on what pets are not intended for a beginner and why.

Fun Stuff

Animal Links
Here are some neat animal sites with all kinds of information and pictures

Print-Outs & Coloring Pages
Some fun for all ages. Coloring printouts & track matching games.

Animal Video's
Here's some videos of our animals from funny to interesting!


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 Our Free Online Games
Just click on the picture below to play the game. Some games might take a bit to load, depending on your internet connection. Have fun & enjoy some old time arcade games.

 --- Break Out --- Hamster Ball --- Mad Cows ---

        --- Dragon Hunt --- Maxim --- FlyCatcher ---       

 --- Frogger --- SpaceBugs --- Galaxians ---


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